Corporate Events

The dance floor is full at a Corporate Event.

The category “Corporate Events” includes local, regional, and national meetings of businesses and associations. With skill and expertise, we can provide what you need for any size “corporate event” which can entail any of the following:

  • serving as a music host providing
    • a festive atmosphere during a cocktail reception – and/or –
    • music for dining at a soft, even volume throughout a banquet facility during a mealĀ – and/or –
    • a variety of dance music during a segment of open dancing
  • professionally performing the duties of Master of Ceremonies, welcoming meeting attendees, and properly making introductions for speakers and presenters
  • orchestrating icebreaking games and/or dance floor routines
  • providing background music during outdoor gatherings, festivals and celebrations

Larger, more extravagant dinner dances and award banquets can incorporate full-scale, stage-designed productions with customized, “intelligent” light shows and wide screen video projection.